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About Organic AG Supply Company, LLC

Healthy soils produce healthy foods.  We believe that the state of national health is a direct reflection of the quality of the foods being produced and provided for citizens (and livestock) to eat.  Our vision is to help growers to provide the highest of quality food products to the market, AND help them have a profitable business. We are NOT in business simply to sell products and make a profit.  We work CLOSELY with our growers to help insure that their businesses are successful. Our customers success directly reflects our success.  We are in this together, and we believe in teamwork.

Producing healthy foods starts with bringing health back to soils which have been depleted of the diverse biology that once existed in it. Conventional farming practices which have been used since the post WWII era are proving to be a far less than ideal way to produce foods. While much has been learned in more recent times regarding the complexity of the relationship between soil and plants (soil food web), much is yet to be discovered. With the problems and various issues related to conventional farming becoming increasingly more evident in regard to ecological impacts, organic growing practices are leading the way as being viable solutions to these problems. We can SHOW that our organic growers can achieve higher yields and higher quality produce while decreasing costs vs. conventional growing methods.


OASCO always negotiates best pricing possilbe with our manufactures and market channel partners. We can then provide 100% price transparency for direct to farm sales. No quotes, no hassles, no wondering if the farm next door pays less for the same products and materials.

When we run a "sale", it really IS a special event. OASCO special sale pricing for any products IS ALWAYS one heck of a deal. GUARANTEED. These will typically be limted supply items, overstock items that we have in inventory, or something we simply got a great deal on that we can pass along for our customers.

We are confident that you will enjoy doing business with us. It will likely be a refreshing experience. We use ecommerce to streamline and expedite orders, however we are very "old school" when it comes to handling client accounts. Expect one-on-one service with OASCO.

Our core focus:

  • Help Rebuild SOIL BIOLOGY to the way God Created it to be
  • Help growers regarding implementation of organic growing practices and materials
  • Provide top quality sales and support services as best possible
  • Help growers to improve crop quality and yield
  • Help growers to reduce operational costs
  • Help growers to reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts
  • Provide support for growers to achieve organic certifications

Organic AG Supply Company is a  National Wholesale Outlet for the product lines we carry.  We ALWAYS strive to offer exceptional personal service, prompt order fulfilment, and a large part of what we do is to establish exceptional relationships with our manufacturers.  We will continue growing our company offerings as we include additional products that provide synergy with our other product offerings, and by expanding our distribution areas.

We constantly seek additional products that we feel are important to growers focused on sustainable growing practices, organic farm supplies and related equipment.  These products may include commercial AG equipment, organic input materials, gardening tools, farming equipment, or other items that we feel are useful, and we can provide at good pricing.  From time to time, we may just add some items we think are fun to offer.

Note: We are not a "big box store". When you deal with us, you will be dealing directly with people who care about YOUR business, as well as key manufacturer contacts.  We ARE growing the company, however we will always keep our basic business plan and principals in place, which is to provide the best quality products and services, at best possible pricing.